Italian Restaurant is basically serving traditional Italian cuisine. Italian Cuisine, which typical based on the taste of Italy. In Italian cuisine, lots of changes occur. In the 18th century, there are significant changes in the development of New World of Cuisine. All these changes based on the requirements and do for the customer satisfaction. In this type of Cuisine, Few Ingredients are adding to enhance the taste of food like maize, Potatoes, Sugar beet and others.

All these Ingredients have a significant role in Italian cuisine. It has N number of dishes which serves in most Italian restaurants either the restaurants is in Italy or another country. It influenced the taste of other countries like USA, UK. Italian cuisine has mouth warming taste and traditional old recipes, that’s why all these recipes copied all over the world.


Why Is It So famous?

Italian restaurants serve many type of cuisine because Italian Cuisine is famous for its simplicity and most of the dishes use few common ingredients. It cooks are very particular for the ingredients and the recipes. They have their own traditional recipes. In Italy Italian Food is developed in a region that’s why dishes recipes and ingredients are varying from region to region. And Most of the people love to eat their traditional dishes. Most of the Italian dishes are proliferate with variations in their Ingredients all over the world.

The Italian Cuisine originated in the 4th century. In the 4th century, the traditional food and culture have its own importance in Italy. In Italy, people do the experiment with their cuisine to enhance the taste and they also write a cookbook. After the Roman Empire, many cities are split and regional cuisine is famous. Major cities used regional cuisine as their own originated cuisine. In Italian cuisine, people preferred to order pasta, pizza mostly in India. All these dishes have common ingredients live olives, chili flakes.


Different Cities Serve Italian Cuisine

In Noida, most of the restaurants serve few Cuisine. Few small restaurants provide discounts to their customer on festive occasion. And also provide some complementary to their customer after compilation of their meal. There are lots of Italian Restaurants but few are best Italian restaurants in Noida . Noida is a very crowded place. Because it comes in Delhi NCR Region. List of few Italian Restaurants in Noida: Pizza Express, Café Delhi Heights, Chilies.

In Mumbai, there are lots of restaurants which serve traditional and mind-blowing Italian Cuisine like Pasta, Pizza, bread and many more at reasonable rates. Thus, Mumbai is capital of Maharashtra. And we all know Mumbai is famous for film city and most people are Marathi.

So Marathi food is famous their but there are different community people. So people enjoy different cuisine like Italian cuisine, French Cuisine. There are lots of Italian Restaurants but few are best Italian restaurants in Mumbai. Thus, List of few restaurants which serves traditional Italian Cuisine: Cellini, Prego, Romano’s, Indigo.